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iPad/iPhone Learning Vietnamese App with quick introduction to Vietnamese accents and basic conversations together with image vocabularies.

iVietnamese - Learning Vietnamese App - supports 5 languages including English, French, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, basic introduction to Vietnamese's vowels

Multiple languages

English, French, Chinese, Japanese and Korean translations are all supported. Others are on the way!

Switch language right inside the app without having to change phone’s language.


Simple yet useful vowels introduction with human-recorded sounds.

Common Conversations

All common conversations enough for tourist to confident in making communication with Vietnamese people.

Standard Voices

All words has voices pre-recorded by people with standard voices from both the Northern and Southern of Vietnam.

Sentences have 2 versions for normal and slow speed.

iVietnamese - Learning Vietnamese App - Greeting, Date and Time, At the airport, At the taxi-rank, At the hotel, Asking the way, At the post office, Money, At the restaurant and coffee shops, Shopping, Amusement, Sight Seeing
This app has the ability to really help you learn in a complete way. It isn’t just a dictionary, like most Viet apps I’ve found. It has the option to change the audio clips to hear either the northern or southern dialect, it teaches you about the sentence structure and how to form questions, and even gives you some culture statistics and background on Vietnam. I’ve been studying Vietnamese for 9 months and I wish I had found this sooner.. But thankful I have it now. I recommend it to everyone who is trying to learn Vietnamese!
iVietnamese - Learning Vietnamese App - new words with sounds and images, southern and northern voices, sentences' structure

Vocabulary with images

Easy to learn new vocabulary with beautiful images and searching facility.

Can switch between Vietnamese and the target language to find word easily.

Available for iPhone/iPad

Support both iPhone/iPad with portrait and landscape layout.

Purchase once and get it runs on ALL your devices

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